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What Direction Is Your Life Taking?

You may not have thought of it this way, but the fact is there is one direction in which your life will go, and that direction is mostly the result of the steps which you yourself are taking! While of course there are many things beyond your control which can steer your life off-course, the primary factor in your life’s direction is you! When you Read More →

Relapse Prevention Strategies For Maintaining Personal Gains

It is crucial to have as many relapse prevention strategies as possible when you are in the process of recovery from alcohol or drug abuse of any kind. At the core of your strategy is going to be support, and this can come in many forms. You will want to have as many of your friends and family members as possible supporting you in what Read More →

How To Reject Alcohol At A Party

One of the biggest challenges faced by people who wish to stop drinking alcohol or break the alcohol addiction habit is rejecting invitations or advanced by other people to drink alcohol. Sometimes they think a drink or two would be okay but usually, this drink or two will send them down a negative spiral of a few more drinks. The best way to abstain from Read More →

Recovery Month: A Celebration of Addiction and Alcoholism Treatment

The government’s Recovery Month website states, “The Recovery Month effort aims to promote the societal benefits of alcohol and drug use disorder treatment, laud the contributions of treatment providers and promote the message that recovery from alcohol and drug use disorders in all its forms is possible.” But, do we really need a month dedicated to this effort? According to the website Alcoholism

A Couple Facts About Alcoholism That Everyone Should Know About

This is an article about alcoholism and the effects that it has on us, but before we start I think that it is important that we have a clear definition for alcoholism. Alcoholism is the addiction of drinking alcoholic beverages in excessive amounts. It is a compulsive disorder in which you find yourself unable to control your alcohol intake. I) Alcoholism and Health Alcoholism

How to Recognize an Alcohol Addiction

Addictions are funny things. We know gambling is an addiction but what about drinking wine? How many glasses constitute an addiction? Do you tell yourself that it is okay to “unwind” by drinking a bottle of wine every night? If your idea of “relaxing” is drinking four glasses of wine before bedtime, learn why alcohol addiction takes many different forms. 1. Is nightly

Alcohol Abuse – When Does Use Turn to Abuse?

Alcohol Abuse and the Alcoholic There is no correct definition for alcohol abuse, as it is quite ambiguous to understand or define. To our satisfaction, we can define alcohol abuse as a boundary line between the two phases namely, normal drinkers and alcoholics. Technically speaking, alcohol abuse is considered as a pattern of drinking that harms one’s health,

Loving Someone With Addiction

If someone is addicted to alcohol it can mean that the people who love them are relegated to watching what is in effect a slow suicide from the side-lines. Helpless to control the drinking, they themselves will learn new behaviours to cope – and many of these behaviours will unfortunately be counter-productive. Unfortunately the arsenal of tactics we normally use to rebalance

Recovery Tips For Overcoming Addiction

Here are a couple of tips for anyone who is struggling with addiction and trying to find recovery in their life. First of all, it is recommended that you surrender fully to the idea that you have a disease and that your addiction is not going to get any better while you are fighting against it directly. In other words, you have to let go Read More →

Why Alcohol Counseling Is Important

When someone is suffering with an addiction to alcohol, it is not easy for them to talk to just anyone about their feelings. Getting alcohol counseling from someone trained to help people get sober and stay sober is important. Many alcoholics have feelings of guilt and shame that can cause them to be depressed. While they may recognize a need for change, they do not Read More →

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